Pharaon secrets.



First Level


Second Level

Third Level


One more very fun and gambling game on from Edgeless – “Pharaon Secrets”. Anyone could find it not so cool as a “Save the Rocket”, but only at the first moment. Reality are much better and funny than at first glance. My desription must help you! There are rules and some tricks that will be intresting to read.
The game has three levels. Each level give you bigger prize. At the second level you could double your bet, at the third increase it by Eight!!! That’s amazing!
You must to push on the closed buttons, where is possible to find “bomb”, “treasure” or “nothing”. If you find “bomb” you are dead imidiatly and lose your bet. If you find “nothing” you must to push on another button. If you find treasure you will enter next level. There is no information about qountities of “bomb” and “treasure”.
You make your bet only once at the very begining of the game. I make 5 EDG bet.
There is “2 on 2” playing field at the first level. Four buttons with the “bomb”, “treasure” and “nothing”. My game expeirence show me that there are at least two buttons with “nothing” so i am sure that there is only one button with the “bomb” and one button with the “treasure”.
The picture show you the example when you find “bomb”. That means that you dead and loseyou bet.
Here we enter Second level, after finding “treasure” at the first level. There is “3 on 3” playing field at the second level. We don’t know information about hidens “bomb” and “treasures”. I could only suppose that two “treasures” and “bombs” been hiden.

The main trick that appear is that you could cash out the game receiving the prize.

So thats the one kind of the strategy to cash out doubling your bet after winning first level.

Finding “treasure” you will achive the final third level. With no option to cash out! There is one rule – “Everything or nothing”. The fird level has “4 on 4” gaming field. And we also don’t know how much “bomb” and “treasures” been hiden. I can only suppose that there are three “treasures” and three “bomb”. Two “treasures” you found and you need to find only last. The biggest risk that three “bomb” are still hiden. I could conclude that th remaining seven buttons have: three “bomb” , one “treasure” and three “nothing” buttons.
No pain, no gain. The final prize is very big! Eifhtfold bigger that you initial bet. My initial bet was 5 EDF. My final prise is 40 EDG!

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