Save the Rocket.


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“Save rocket” game’s rules are very simple. You must jump out the rocket befor the blast. Suppose, the name of the game could be “Save the Spaceman” ))
The main game goal – to receive as maximum points as you can in order to lead the Leadeboard!
There is Leaderboard menu at the left side. That change after every round of the game. Evere player try to catch the first place. That is why the game is very fun and gambling.
You could find it, begining the game. Sure, your desire to lead the list gamers will be so high, that you couldn’t stop to play. The Start of the game are very simple by pushing the “Play” button, at the right bottom corner.
In order to take the maximum players rating, you have two strategys.
Trying to jump out the rocket as late as possible – then you will be able to recieve maximum points for the round. At the picture you could see, that i ve earned 36.76 points(numbers near the Spaceman). There is 85.47 points number near the rocket. At the maximum there was 90 points. So there was possibility almost to triple the result.
Or to make maximum bet. The sum of the bet you could change before each round.
At the wright bottom corner you could find “Change Bet” button. The “Change Bet” menu will appear on the screen. The Maximum bet depends on the sum you fund. You have the ability to use all your funds.
There are huge risks in both strategys.
Trying to jump off as late as poosible you have risk to blast with the rocket and to loose youe bet.
Blasting possible on a variuos height. Sometimes blast could happen immediatle after start. On the picture blast happen at the 22.94 EDG height , start was at 20 EDG height. J ve managed to jump off on the 21.65 EDG height.
Making maximum bet you risk even greater! If you blast with the rocket, you will lose all you funds imediatly. Until you will refund you account, you will not be able to play.

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